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NB Environmental Services conducts a wide range of environmental services...

Service Stations

​We have conducted site investigations and groundwater sampling programs at numerous service stations.  Clients range from "mom and pop" gas stations to the largest pertroleum companies. 


Soil Borings / Monitoring Well Installation

We have installed groundwater monitoring wells for various types of clients.  These include: residential, commercial, and industrial.

Geothermal Testing

NBES is fully experienced in sampling the more recent technology of Geothermal well systems.  States require that waters be tested (generally on a quarterly basis) for various parameters prior to discharge to the sanitary sewer.


Transfer Sites

NBES is well versed in the assessment of, and will assist in the determination of whether a property is considered to be an "establishment" in Connecticut.  This is based on the definition of an establishment set forth by The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Transfer Act. 




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